About me

“High Tech Yankee” is inspired by the journey from my hometown of Boston (hence “Yankee”, or someone from the Northeast United States) to Prague and then to San Francisco.

In recent years, I’ve been writing about work topics like customer centricity and my journey as a leader.

Sometimes I write about personal topics as well, lately including politics for some strange reason.

You can find me here:

  • email: don #at#  donmaclennan dot com
  • LinkedIn here

Oh yeah, the disclaimer: the views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Don, when researching a job application for AVG (looks like working for you) I came accross your blog. I’ve been here 11 years and reading some of your blogs brings back some fond and angry memories. I loved the one about the name on the post box. Anyway, hope we do get to meet up!

  2. Don…nice to see the Bluenose making inroads on the pacific coast…hang in there and best wishes to you and your family…Iain MacLeod

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