Who’s afraid of the big, bad feedback?

TLDR: I regularly speak with companies that are interested in starting a Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) feedback program. I sometimes see a strange phenomenon: People offering various objections to getting started.

This comes as a surprise , given how easy it is to get started. A simple survey question for customers to answer, and a standard way to calculate the NPS score itself. So what gives? Continue reading

“Double-click” to get the most from your NPS® surveys

TLDR: Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) surveys can help you decode many things about your business.  Most people start by looking at the global NPS trend.

To get the most value from your analysis, I recommend “double-clicking” on your NPS results and looking more closely at what’s below the surface.

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Building a Customer Success team? Start with customer feedback

TLDR: Building a Customer Success Team? Start with Customer Feedback

The genesis of a customer success team is often “ready, fire, aim”.  Somebody has to manage the growing customer base, and quickly.

But the team should start with a purpose, or else you risk mismatching your hires to the needs of the job. How do you define that purpose? Use customer feedback to create the team charter.

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Customer health scores: you’re probably doing it wrong

TLDR: A lot of work has been done in recent years to develop customer health scores.  In B2B SaaS, even more work has been done to automate the process. Interestingly, the underlying approach that most companies use is flawed.  

We can draw a lot of lessons from sales forecasting in order to get health scores right.

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Compensation planning leads to customer success

TLDR: It’s the start of the year, when companies review their annual goals and compensation plans. Typically, customer retention and growth is a top priority.  

Do you have the right incentives in place to meet your customer retention goals?  There are two approaches to answering this question: bottoms-up and top-down

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Driving customer adoption can feel like herding cats

TLDR: You defined the customer journey.  You onboard & train new users. You make support and knowledge resources available. And still, users don’t adopt your products in the timeframe and manner that you want.

To be great at driving adoption, we have to recognize that there’s no singular user journey.  Rather, there are many.  Get ready to herd some cats.

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