Where is the moral outrage?

Previously, I wrote about the lack of empathy in our country right now. I argued that empathy is an obligation of parties that are on both sides of a debate / policy / political affiliation. As much as I believe this to be a causal factor in this country's current divisiveness, I'm also implicating morality as … Continue reading Where is the moral outrage?


We’re in an empathy crisis

If it feels like America is deeply divided, you're not alone. Our President is stating provable lies in a consistent pattern.  His speech (and policies) is at times hateful and intolerant, singling out immigrants, refugees, the media, liberals, etc. No wonder Americans are polarizing along the lines of supporting, or opposing, this President. What's the cause of all … Continue reading We’re in an empathy crisis

On governance (and what happens when there isn’t any)

Leaders who work within a governance structure are different than ones who never had governance over them.  We're experiencing the difference right now in our president's behavior, and nobody should be surprised at what we see. Why shouldn't this be surprising? We implicitly assume that all leaders are accustomed to a governance-based structure because they worked within … Continue reading On governance (and what happens when there isn’t any)

Is America’s divide about Christianity?

The Pew Research Foundation published an in-depth analysis of what constitutes "national identity" around the world. The data is based on Spring 2016 survey data. What struck me is how important being a Christian is to Americans, relative to other countries: As one might imagine, the importance of Christian affiliation is greater for Republicans than … Continue reading Is America’s divide about Christianity?

“Daddy, why is the President allowed to lie?”

My 9-year-old son is aware of the recent election and the President's actions since inauguration.  He sees news snippets on TV and brings stories back from school. It's been difficult explaining to him why the President can get away with lying. He understands that the role of President is to be our country's leader, and therefore … Continue reading “Daddy, why is the President allowed to lie?”

Thank you, President and Mrs. Obama

We wait to find out what our president-elect will do. Although it appears that his behavior will be remarkably (and unfortunately) consistent with when he was a candidate. In the meantime, I'm reflecting on the remarkable presidency of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Thank you, above all, for leading with grace. This … Continue reading Thank you, President and Mrs. Obama

On tolerating intolerance

The bruising election has caused a lot of soul-searching on my part. And I suspect for many others too. My moral framework values tolerance, inclusion and diversity. I feel like I am in the throes of a deep dilemma: In the face of intolerant behavior of others, what is the appropriate response?  Tolerance or intolerance? To … Continue reading On tolerating intolerance