The Czech glass ceiling is extra thick

I deliberated writing this post for the risk of being seen as, ahem, "patrician".  But I have been moved by some young women to do it anyway. Recently I hired a woman who just graduated from her Master’s program in business & marketing. During the interview process, she distinguished herself as having great potential. And … Continue reading The Czech glass ceiling is extra thick


Do friendships ever end?

I got an email out of the blue from an old friend.  We had drifted apart long ago, living in different cities for many years since with only very little contact. His email was prompted by his New Year’s resolution to write old friends, and tell them what that friendship meant to him.  So I … Continue reading Do friendships ever end?

Favorite restaurants in Prague

Prague has some very active restaurant reviewers amongst the Expat and English-speaking community.  For example, Czech Please, and The Prague Post.  I won't attempt to compete with their professionalism. There are also some very highly regarded places I have yet to visit, notably La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise. That said, here are the places I've … Continue reading Favorite restaurants in Prague

How to stop your car from being towed, Prague style

My wife sent me the following email today.  It about says it all... "Tried to pull into garage.  Electricity out, door won't open.  Park on the street, go get ice cream.  Come back, car being lifted onto tow truck.  I stand in front of tow truck, refusing to let it leave.  Police came, I pay off the … Continue reading How to stop your car from being towed, Prague style

Was the Prague transit strike a good thing?

I'm not a big fan of unions, at least in the U.S.  But I thought the Prague transit strike today was a good thing in a way.  Why? I can't imagine that before 1989 any such strike would occur. Or, if it did, that there would be severe reprisals by the police and who knows … Continue reading Was the Prague transit strike a good thing?

One Year Anniversary in Prague

It's been one year since I arrived in Prague, haggard from a volcano-interrupted journey.  Said journey ended up being me, a briefcase, and my urine-soaked cat in a crate after 25 hours of confinement. I've written in previous posts about what I love and (un)love about Prague.  So no need to sum it up again. … Continue reading One Year Anniversary in Prague

Things I love and (un)love about Prague (Part 3)

I wrote previously about this topic here and here. LOVE Czech Courtesies.  Virtually everyone offers their seat on the tram to the elderly, or says "hello" and "goodbye" on an elevator.  The receptionist in my building will loudly scold those who fail to greet her in the morning.  Good for her. The automatic replenishment of … Continue reading Things I love and (un)love about Prague (Part 3)