How to stop your car from being towed, Prague style

My wife sent me the following email today.  It about says it all…

“Tried to pull into garage.  Electricity out, door won’t open.  Park on the street, go get ice cream.  Come back, car being lifted onto tow truck.  I stand in front of tow truck, refusing to let it leave.  Police came, I pay off the cop $40, get my car back.  Home now.”

The Czech Republic’s police force was notorious for pocketing traffic fines on the spot.  Maybe it’s still the case.  Though one could argue it’s more convenient than the U.S. alternative of remembering to write a check and mail it in.

One thought on “How to stop your car from being towed, Prague style

  1. You can still ask for a check if you dont have cash on you, or dont wish to pay the fine or spot, for example if you believe you are being wrongly accused, or the fine is set too high because you are a foreigner.

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