Two big, new business influences

One of my personal delights is to come across new concepts and ideas that advance my professional thinking. I'm usually suspicious of "form over substance" business books.  I'm attracted to the esoteric, favoring concepts that are meaty and somewhat hard to grasp at first. To me, the really valuable stuff is probably hard. Two things I … Continue reading Two big, new business influences

R.I.P. Bluenose Analytics

My startup Bluenose is no longer. After 4+ years of trying, it just didn't work out. We ran out of money and couldn't attract more investment. There are many, many people to thank for their support along the way. My wife, my co-founder, investors, friends, employees, mentors, customers, etc. "It takes a village" to birth … Continue reading R.I.P. Bluenose Analytics

Father’s Day 2016: In Memoriam of DY

I've written a couple blogs before on Father's Day in memory of my own dad, here and here.  But today I'm writing about another father, whose recent death hit me hard. Dave Yeung (DY) passed away a couple weeks ago. I didn't know him well, but every time I met him I felt his warmth and … Continue reading Father’s Day 2016: In Memoriam of DY

Inspired by the “Pay It Forward” people

I caught up with Randy Womack yesterday.  He's one of those "pay it forward" people.  As in, helpful for the sake of being helpful.  No strings attached.  Just wanting to see people succeed in life and realize their dreams.He's not the only one who's been so kind to me.  There's Wayne Willis, too.  And Kent … Continue reading Inspired by the “Pay It Forward” people

A big day for Bluenose Analytics

Today we had the pleasure to announce our investors in my startup Bluenose Analytics.  You can read about the $10m funding here. It's been over a year since we got started, beginning with customer research, then initial $2m in seed funding, then team building, then beta testing (still going) and most recently another $8m raised in … Continue reading A big day for Bluenose Analytics

Why I Started Bluenose

Why? I could answer this question with something trite, like “I want to save the world from crappy products”. But the reality is a bit more nuanced.  I’ve had 3 formative experiences in the last 12 years that convinced me there was a big problem worth solving with a packaged application. Frictionless Commerce At Frictionless, … Continue reading Why I Started Bluenose