Favorite restaurants in Prague

Prague has some very active restaurant reviewers amongst the Expat and English-speaking community.  For example, Czech Please, Expats.cz and The Prague Post.  I won’t attempt to compete with their professionalism.

There are also some very highly regarded places I have yet to visit, notably La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise.

That said, here are the places I’ve been to and like, in no particular order:

V Zatisi.  High-end, nice “design-your-own” tasting menu.  They match wines well with the courses.  Professional and attentive service.  A good place for a special night out.

The Pind.  Quickly developing a reputation for the best Indian food in Prague.  I’ve liked every dish thus far, and have been exposed to a few selections on the menu I hadn’t seen before. Which is good, as the variety of food from India is infinite and worthy of constant exploration.

Sokolovna.  Nicely done traditional Czech cuisine.  A really good chicken soup.  Warm decor.  Inexpensive.

Las Adelitas.  The place to scratch the itch for Mexican cuisine and margaritas.  Anything “el pastor” there is very good.  The horchata is delicious if you don’t feel like an alcoholic beverage.

Artisan.  A wonderful higher-end restaurant tucked away on a side street, far from any tourists. Very good service and value for money.  The outdoor patio in the summer is intimate and really pleasant.

Sansho.  Creative southeastern Asia cuisine with some other influences thrown in.  A fixed price, set menu comprised of many bold flavors.  The staff is wonderfully accommodating and will tailor the menu to dietary needs or even diner preference. Not a hint of pretense in the place; probably by design.  Perhaps amongst the most expensive in Prague.  But satisfying nonetheless.

Grosseto Marina and Vinohrady locations.  This small chain reminds me of Paparazzi in Boston: very consistent, decent Italian food with good value for money.  Tasty thin crust pizzas.  The Marina location has a great view of the castle.  The Vinohrady location has a nice summer garden.

Noi.  Solid Thai food in a setting with nice decor.

Sasazu.  Not unlike the cuisine at Sansho: pan-Southeast Asian influences.  But in every other respect quite different: dramatic decor inside a transformed warehouse, featuring huge light fixtures, bold colors and trendy music.  A place where the vibe is as much a reason to go as the food.  And the food is quite good.

Mirellie.  Mediterranean cuisine with a bias toward Italian.  Good value for money.

Sahara Cafe.  Wonderful decor and some strong North African/Middle Eastern food choices.  The hummus with all of its “enhancements” is my favorite.  A great outdoor terrace for summertime.

El Barrio de Angel.  One of the better places for steaks.  The chimichurri sauce is really good paired with a medium-rare or medium-cooked steak.  Service and atmosphere are nothing special.  Nor is the wine list.  But definitely a place to satisfy the carnivore craving.

Vytopna.  This one is my son’s vote for best restaurant.  Of course, he’s 4 years old and loves this restaurant because of the model trains that deliver drinks to your table.  If you have kids, well worth a visit.  The Czech cuisine is decent.

That’s all for now.  What do you think?

A future post: Prague watering holes.

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