“100% of my female friends have been sexually assaulted”

A female colleague told me this recently while we were discussing the Brett Kavanaugh nomination process. I was incredulous. “You’re certain it’s 100%?”, I asked. “Absolutely”, she replied. It doesn’t stop there. I went to a candlelight vigil for Dr. Ford a couple weeks ago (an aside: I was there because I wanted her claim … Continue reading “100% of my female friends have been sexually assaulted”

On Dr. King: “The arc of the moral universe…”

"The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice" - MLK It's MLK Day today. I celebrated by reading some of his quotes and watching David Letterman interview Barack Obama and John Lewis. At times like these, the many gains since the 1960's seem lost. Instead of an African-American president signifying … Continue reading On Dr. King: “The arc of the moral universe…”

Why I work at McAfee (and you should too?)

Last week, I spent 2 days with our CEO Chris Young and his leadership team, talking about where we want to go in the next 3 years. Chris kicked off the meeting with a recap of our 5 core values, our mission and our employee pledge, all designed to protect the world in our online … Continue reading Why I work at McAfee (and you should too?)

Two big, new business influences

One of my personal delights is to come across new concepts and ideas that advance my professional thinking. I'm usually suspicious of "form over substance" business books.  I'm attracted to the esoteric, favoring concepts that are meaty and somewhat hard to grasp at first. To me, the really valuable stuff is probably hard. Two things I … Continue reading Two big, new business influences

R.I.P. Bluenose Analytics

My startup Bluenose is no longer. After 4+ years of trying, it just didn't work out. We ran out of money and couldn't attract more investment. There are many, many people to thank for their support along the way. My wife, my co-founder, investors, friends, employees, mentors, customers, etc. "It takes a village" to birth … Continue reading R.I.P. Bluenose Analytics

Where is the moral outrage?

Previously, I wrote about the lack of empathy in our country right now. I argued that empathy is an obligation of parties that are on both sides of a debate / policy / political affiliation. As much as I believe this to be a causal factor in this country's current divisiveness, I'm also implicating morality as … Continue reading Where is the moral outrage?

Who’s afraid of the big, bad feedback?

TLDR: I regularly speak with companies that are interested in starting a Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) feedback program. I sometimes see a strange phenomenon: People offering various objections to getting started. This comes as a surprise , given how easy it is to get started. A simple survey question for customers to answer, and a … Continue reading Who’s afraid of the big, bad feedback?