Use NPS® to boost your advocacy program in 3 Steps

TLDR: Advocates. References. Promoters. These customers are “gold” to your business’ ability to grow, and do so efficiently. However, the complaint I often hear is that there aren’t enough of them in hand. If you take a purposeful approach to your Net Promoter℠ program, you can meaningfully grow your advocate list.

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Is your company customer-centric? Ask 3 questions

TLDR: A lot has been written about the importance of having a “customer-centric” company culture. This is especially true when operating subscription business models, or any business that depends on customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Can you determine if your company is truly customer-centric or just saying so? Here are three questions to consider: Continue reading

There’s no such thing as the customer journey

TLDR: There isn’t a single customer journey. There are many journeys. Because every customer takes her own journey, no matter what we want them to do.

How do you balance your desire to “standardize” the customer journey with the desire of your customers to be treated individually? Here are three things to consider. Continue reading

NPS ® for product managers: a 4-step guide

TLDR: Net Promoter Score℠ surveys can hold valuable clues for how to improve your product and better manage your product roadmap. You’ll need a structured approach to turning those clues into actionable insights and changes that result in improved customer retention. Here’s a 4-step guide to getting the most out of NPS surveys. Continue reading

Get efficient or get fired? 3 strategies to streamline your customer success team

TLDR: “If you’re not getting more efficient every month, you should be fired!” said a Customer Success leader at a recent networking dinner.  He went on to assert that a Customer Success team should not grow in proportion to your customer base or revenue. Should we be following his advice? Continue reading