Who’s afraid of the big, bad feedback?

TLDR: I regularly speak with companies that are interested in starting a Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) feedback program. I sometimes see a strange phenomenon: People offering various objections to getting started.

This comes as a surprise , given how easy it is to get started. A simple survey question for customers to answer, and a standard way to calculate the NPS score itself. So what gives? Continue reading

“Double-click” to get the most from your NPS® surveys

TLDR: Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) surveys can help you decode many things about your business.  Most people start by looking at the global NPS trend.

To get the most value from your analysis, I recommend “double-clicking” on your NPS results and looking more closely at what’s below the surface.

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Use NPS® to boost your advocacy program in 3 Steps

TLDR: Advocates. References. Promoters. These customers are “gold” to your business’ ability to grow, and do so efficiently. However, the complaint I often hear is that there aren’t enough of them in hand. If you take a purposeful approach to your Net Promoter℠ program, you can meaningfully grow your advocate list.

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