Moving on…..

Well, it’s official.  Nicole and I decided after weeks of deliberation to pack up and move from Boston to Prague.  It’s one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” career opportunities to live and work abroad.  I will be the SVP of Product Management for AVG (, a fast-growing and highly profitable company in the IT security space.

Nicole is excited about living in such a gorgeous city as Prague.  She also likes the prospect of seeing lots of Europe on weekends and holidays.  Hey, me too.

A prediction:  In coming posts, you’ll hear more about the new job and company.  And what’s different and cool about Prague.  In a few months, I will complain about why Czechs can’t be more like Americans (or Canadians).  Eventually, you’ll hear me say how it’s not that bad after all.  I might even take shots at the U.S. like the Europeans do from time to time.  We’ll see.

To my professional and personal friends: keep tabs on me here, on LinkedIn and on Facebook.  I won’t be a stranger.  Please don’t be one either.

More to come soon…

4 thoughts on “Moving on…..

  1. Great news Don for both you and Nicole. I am envious and look forward to hearing how a Nova Scotia native fairs in Prague

  2. Wow, big changes in your life
    Don’t you think you will miss the red sox?
    Moving at the start of a baseball season?

    No baseball over there, and they stink in soccer 🙂

    Let’s stay in touch

  3. Don,
    Congrats on the move, I look forward to following your exploits!
    Best wishes to you and your family!!!

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