Who is this AVG?

Ok, I’m not the expert but I hope I learned enough about AVG to make the right decision about joining.  AVG serves consumers and small businesses with “endpoint protection” software (including anti-virus, anti-malware and the like).

Today’s user faces bad stuff on their computer more than ever.  The criminals are damned smart based on what I’ve seen in the dark recesses of research labs.  You security geeks amongst us can debate the efficacy of such products.  I’m not going there other than to say that the need for endpoint (and mobile) protection isn’t going away.  Even as complementary security products exist and evolve.

What’s cool in my mind is that AVG is using the “freemium” business model.  Their product is free.  Yup, free.  Of course, you can pay money and get an enhanced version and complementary products.  And they’re making scads of money at it.

I love this type of business model innovation.  It excites my imagination and is a creative outlet I’m looking forward to immensely.  Ask my wife about other creative talents.  Not so much…

By the way, if you haven’t read Chris Anderson’s book “Free”, I recommend it.

One thought on “Who is this AVG?

  1. I have absolutely no doubt that you will lead AVG towards even highers levels of success. Best of luck to you and your family as you transition to life in Prague.

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