Is Twitter a road or a destination?

I wrote previously about social networking and why I do it.  Twitter is the one social networking tool I have avoided.  It just doesn’t seem to offer anything to me.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my attention deficit disorder hasn’t yet worsened to the point of requiring me to read Tweets all day long while sitting in meetings, eating lunch, playing golf or whatever.  I don’t (yet) need to process 140 characters as they arrive throughout the day.

What I have seen is a lot of Tweets driving traffic to websites such as blogs, social networking sites and media sites.  In this regard, maybe it’s a useful tool to touch a large network of people and drive them to somewhere else.  Maybe Twitter becomes the “push” (as in, I alert you) equivalent to Google’s dominance over “pull” (I find you, or it).

Hmmm, maybe now I know what I want out of Twitter.  Follow me on Twitter here and let’s see what happens.

“Push” technology.  Yikes, I’m reminded of Pointcast from the 90’s.  Still a pretty good app as I recall.

Twitter users out there: are you using it to drive people to sites, or to keep them informed using Tweets alone?

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