Why I support EARN

In the last year, I’ve become a supporter of an organization called EARN.  EARN is a charitable organization that partners with people of modest means to help them achieve the goal of saving money.


The simple answer is that EARN offers matched savings accounts.  Save $2000 in a defined time period?  EARN will match it with $4000.

The more complete answer is that EARN has learned, through years of trial and error, the techniques that enable behavior modification in the form of savings.  And this recipe enables people to reach goals they never thought possible.

What I love most about EARN is how they focus on empowering the individual.  You need only read the customer stories about how reaching small goals enabled them to reach even bigger goals over time; you’ll be moved by the life-changing outcomes.

A year ago, I heard Ben Mangan tell the story of EARN to a gathering of potential benefactors.  I was inspired.  But then my cheeks flushed in embarrassment.  I didn’t have money to contribute; I was just getting a startup off the ground with my own time & money.

The story Ben told was about their journey of learning how to partner with their savers to enable the behavior changes that are so powerful.  And how Ben was literally re-constructing his entire organization to take it from a local provider in San Francisco to a national platform.  His “BHAG” is to serve 1 million Americans in need.  And he thinks there are 30+ million Americans on the edge of poverty.

The only way EARN can reach 1 million Americans is online.  Which is the area that I’ve been helping ,with my advice and my time.

Check out EARN and consider how you might help them, too.

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