A big day for Bluenose Analytics

Today we had the pleasure to announce our investors in my startup Bluenose Analytics. You can read about the $10m funding here.

It’s been over a year since we got started, beginning with customer research, then initial $2m in seed funding, then team building, then beta testing (still going) and most recently another $8m raised in a Series A round.  All the while, we were operating in “quiet mode” without disclosing most of what we were up to.

This mode has its advantages, but it’s awfully hard to keep quiet on the great progress you’re making when you’ve attracted two of the very best investors in our space.

Is it time to declare victory?  Not yet; it’s the “end of the beginning”.  But my co-founder and I now have the chance to realize our vision thanks to the resources we’ve been given.

This is an accomplishment that many, many startups don’t reach, so more than anything today is a day to be thankful.

2 thoughts on “A big day for Bluenose Analytics

  1. It certainly is a day to be thankful. Congratulations Don, it appears that all your diligence will soon bring your vision to fruition. I wish you continued success.

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