Inspired by the “Pay It Forward” people

6510934443_8bd2942b79_bI caught up with Randy Womack yesterday.  He’s one of those “pay it forward” people.  As in, helpful for the sake of being helpful.  No strings attached.  Just wanting to see people succeed in life and realize their dreams.

He’s not the only one who’s been so kind to me.  There’s Wayne Willis, too.  And Kent Godfrey.  And John Keenan.  And Nate Williams #1 (I have a couple Nate Williams in my life).  And too many others to recall and give credit here.

I get so inspired when I meet these people.  Their positive energy is like a drug.  Not only do I feel freshly motivated to work on my own startup, but it reminds me of the effect I might have on others when paying it forward in turn.  I’ve tried to be helpful to others in the past couple years.  Hopefully folks like Kathleen and Matt caught the fever too.

But yesterday’s meeting was a reminder: you can’t do enough of it. Pay on, my friends.  Pay on.

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