Customer success tools: the CEO’s daily friend?

FYI: this post was written when I was with my startup Bluenose Analytics, talking about a customer of mine.

I went to meet the CEO of one of my customers the other day.

We were talking about the status of the Bluenose implementation at his company. He shared how excited he was to complete the next phase, when usage data from their product flowed into Bluenose and he could access a Customer 360 profile.

This CEO made it a habit to call 2-3 customers a day and check in on them. He wanted all the pertinent details about that customer at his fingertips, so he could be informed during the conversation.

When he told me this, I logged into our internal instance of Bluenose – the version we use to manage our own customers. I showed him the profile of his company in my system.

I told my CEO friend, “you know, before I came over today I logged into Bluenose. It took me a couple minutes to review your account. I didn’t need to chase anybody for details. I didn’t need to log into several systems. It was all at my fingertips.”

We looked at usage, health scores, support tickets, emails sent to him and his team, end-users adoption, etc. This data came from many systems that we’ve wired into Bluenose:, Marketo, Mixpanel, Zendesk.

I left the meeting and smirked in the parking lot; I think I made him jealous.

So, you’re a CEO who calls customers to check in on them. Do you have what I have before you call?