Father’s Day 2016: in memoriam of Dave Y.

Santa Cruz mountains to the Pacific
Santa Cruz mountains to the Pacific

I’ve written a couple blogs before on Father’s Day in memory of my own dad, here and here.  But today I’m writing about another father, whose recent death hit me hard.

Dave Yeung (DY) passed away a couple weeks ago. I didn’t know him well, but every time I met him I felt his warmth and generosity.  I added him to my mental list of “guys I should invest time in getting to know better”.  But that lost opportunity alone might not explain my sadness.

His death was a reminder of the many things that it means to be a dad.

Dave left behind two children under 10, and a wife.  Dave had a 20-year career at HP and was a major breadwinner in his household.  Dave died in his mid-40’s of cancer, after being a life-long athlete including competitive bike racing.  His loss leaves a huge void in his family.

Dave’s loss makes me sad for the struggles his family will face as a result.

Dave’s loss makes me worry about my role as a dad, husband and provider. Can I be the same role model as him?  What would happen to my family if I passed?

Yesterday was Dave’s memorial service.  Hundreds of people showed up.  Over a dozen stood up and said kind words about Dave.  One speaker said Dave was his best friend.  After two others had just said the same.  He then joked that there were probably 20 people present who felt the same way.

Hiking ninja
Hiking ninja

After yesterday’s service, I took Clive on a beautiful hike in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was life affirming.

I reminded myself that these were the things I should be doing with my son. Teaching him the beauty of nature.  The habit of exercise.  The opportunity to have meaningful conversations.

What started as a sad day ended on a happier note.  Dave reminded me to strive to live life to the fullest. To be the dad we all need to be.

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