Connecting social media to business results

My former colleague Jill Hunley and I presented at a social media analytics conference a few weeks back.  We were talking about ways in which social media efforts can be linked to corporate results using Big Data analytics.

It’s nice to have others recognize the importance of this.  One of the audience members, Paul Costanza,  had this to say:

“A few outstanding presentations at the Social Media Intelligence Summit highlighted and validated this. The first was a session in which Jill Hunley of AVG and her former colleague Don MacLennan demonstrated that by integrating a set of social data inputs from online product ratings into its customer data analysis, AVG significantly redirected the product development map of one of its star products, AVG Mobilation.

Specifically, AVG determined that more than 90 percent of the product’s negative sentiment was due to just six product attributes. The most interesting aspect of these findings is that not one of these attributes was being addressed for correction by the existing product roadmap! This is the type of insight that marketers dream of providing to product development efforts.”

You can read Paul’s full blog entry here.

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