A proud day: shipping a net-new product that just works

bullseyeMy former team at AVG just launched AVG CloudCare.

CloudCare is a managed services platform that enables local IT resellers to become managed services providers to their small business customers.  This article did the best job of describing the great value proposition for security and IT support, for resellers and customers alike.

A lot went right in getting there.  The product was rooted in a clear and well-thought-out strategy.  We made a directed investment in building it from scratch.  We focused on a customer segment that was under-served by existing solutions.  A lot of research and interviews went into understanding both the customer and resellers’ needs.  And it got tested and refined in partnership with our users along the way.

Congrats in particular to Mirek, Vikas, Alan, Darren and David.  You pulled off something special.

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